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Due to limited web storage of the old house    <<<< click here to return to my old house >>>>  , I have to move       to this new  place.

 I hope you enjoy the pictures  of the  items I came across  and been able to hoard over time; they  were  to  me  quite  unique, rare, weird , collectible and/or  valuable in my eyes , in these circumstances with  intention to probably recycle  it  in my hobby.


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Jakarta , 5 March 2010

Paul Yahya  

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18 April 2012

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These pages deal with high voltages.
Contact with these voltages can cause injury and/ or death
both to you and what you land on after being shocked. 



You will need to have a relatively good  knowledge in the area of high voltage electronics since the devices displayed / discussed features lethal high voltage .

Currents of more than 20mA can be deadly! Not only touching may pose danger, at 300V or more a misguided approach is enough to make a spark accidentally arc from the device to nearest ground which may be yourself. Particularly dangerous are the direct and alternating currents with low frequency, for example the 50Hz frequency !

 At high voltage, when measuring and probing, even a separated transformer or ground fault circuit interrupter will not offer any protection! High voltage is only a jerk away and because it´s so unpredictable you have to plan ahead every step in the progress.

 Provide a clean and robust structure when putting the parts together!  All components should be clearly positioned so that no short circuits can occur. Check all the soldering and mountings for short circuits before connecting anything to the main power supply.

 Handling high voltage has to be considered without a doubt dangerous, so please NO guessing !  

 As an adult you will have to take the full responsibility for the building of the kit, for yourself while building the kit and for the operation of the completed kit !

I do not take any responsibility for future injury or death of anybody building the project or guarantee it´s function.